Floyd Mayweather Lands in Prison

Floyd Mayweather Lands in Prison

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. is set to begin his 90-day jail sentence in Las Vegas this Friday. According to The Washington Post, Mayweather is due this morning, and Las Vegas police say his time in jail could be reduced to only 60 days with "good behavior and work time." Given how poor of an attitude we've seen Mayweather have at times, it's tough to say he'd be getting out early.Then again, this is jail, and if he were smart he'll do as he's told. No longer is he a star, but rather just another guy behind bars. Last month, Mayweather was given this jail sentence for his guilty plea in a domestic violence case. He attacked an ex-girlfriend while their two children were in the room. Mayweather will one be able to think about his money instead of throwing it around like it's chump change.

Hopefully this jail time will be a wake-up call for the boxer. Let's just hope he doesn't get the bright idea of fighting anyone while in jail. I'm sure there will be some hot heads egging him on, but Mayweather is better off playing it cool and not getting involved in any altercations. However, it wouldn't surprise me if something did happen and we never learned of it because Mayweather promised to pay people off. The potential fight with between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao gets put on hold, increasing the chances it never happens. However, Mayweather didn't obey the law, and now he must suffer. Unfortunately, boxing fans suffer as well, but life is far more important than sports. In all honesty, I hope Mayweather does get out early for good behavior. Perhaps it will be a sign that he won't be such an arrogant showboat on a daily basis. It's perfectly fine for him to act that way toward a fellow fighter when approaching a fight, but it's not needed 24/7. Many were hoping for a May 5 fight for Mayweather, but his training will hit a snag during his jail sentence, so don't hold you breath for a fight including Mayweather anytime soon. did the crime and must now serve the time