Bob Arum Teases Cotto-Chavez Jr. as Possible for 2012, Thumbs Nose at WBC

Bob Arum Teases Cotto-Chavez Jr. as Possible for 2012, Thumbs Nose at WBC

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Lem Satterfield of is reporting that Top Rank CEO Bob Arum has proposed a potential Miguel Cotto-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. clash for later next year, provided Chavez survives his scheduled February 11 WBC middleweight title defense against Marcos Antonio Rubio and Cotto is not chosen as the next opponent for Manny Pacquiao. According to the article, Arum's announcement follows a recent WBC decree that the winner of Chavez Jr.-Rubio would be mandated to fight the winner of Sergio Martinez-Matthew Macklin, set to take place in Madison Square Garden on St. Patrick's Day. Arum's statements to make it clear that he no longer feels like the WBC trinket is essential for promoting the rising star Chavez:"We've sent a notification to the WBC requesting that they sanction the Chavez-Rubio fight. If they do, fine, if they don't, fine, we're not concerned," said Arum. "I hope that the WBC sanctions that fight, but if they don't, they don't. It doesn't matter anymore."A big fight between Cotto and Chavez Jr is more or less what I wished for the Puerto Rican star in my end-of-year story. Just the same, it is disappointing to see Arum resisting the WBC's drive for truer unification within the division. Given the history of relations between Chavez Jr., Arum and the WBC, WBC President Jose Sulaiman can be forgiven if he feels as poorly used as a Tijuana working girl.Boxing fans will remember that the WBC did Top Rank the solid of appointing Chavez Jr. the mandatory contender after handing Sebastian Zbik the title in a conference room after stripping Sergio Martinez, who had refused to fight Zbik due to the fact that HBO had refused to broadcast a fight featuring Zbick as an opponent.

HBO then did Top Rank the solid of broadcasting a fight between Chavez Jr. and Zbik (not long after Top Rank did HBO the solid of bringing Manny Pacquiao back to HBO PPV). The result of the Chavez-Zbik fight was an exciting decision victory for Chavez Jr.Not everybody agrees he actually won, but everybody was highly entertained and the performance did elevate the status of the son of the legend.As for a potential fight between Chavez Jr. and Cotto? Well, aside from that it would mean Chavez Jr. was ducking Martinez, I'm for it. I believe the two are well suited to put on an extremely entertaining fight.Let's not forget, of course, that it's no sure thing that Chavez Jr. beats the veteran Rubio in February. But assuming he does, and assuming that Arum just isn't going to allow him to fight the best people in his division, then fighting the junior middleweight Cotto is a next best choice. JC Jr. is basically going to come at Cotto just like Margarito did, only he'll be doing it in a bigger, younger, far less brutally battered body. And my guess would be that Chavez Jr. hits harder than Margarito.Zbik is not much bigger than Cotto, and with only 10 career knockouts, probably not as powerful of a puncher. But Chavez is at the point in his career where he can make great progress between fights under the guidance of a world-class trainer like Freddy Roach. The Miguel Cotto I watched beat Antonio Margarito in Madison Square Garden last December 3rd beats the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. we have seen so far. But there is no doubt, if it comes through, it could be one of the year's biggest fights.