Chisora To Vitali: I Wanted To Kiss, But You Didn't Shave

By Jake Donovan

The last time Dereck Chisora appeared behind the mic leading into a major heavyweight fight, he threatened to make love to his opponent. This time, he merely sought a kiss. “I already offered Vitali to kiss but he didn’t shave,” noted the charismatic Brit, upon fielding a question of whether he and Vitali Klitschko would take “man love” to the same extreme as was the case during the pre-fight hype ahead of last December’s bout with Robert Helenius. There were no such threats of Chisora (15-2, 9KO) planning to sex his challenger, but instead light hearted verbal jabs at one another during Monday’s press conference in London to promote their February 18 heavyweight title fight in Munich.Chisora was at ease during the presser, allowing promoter Frank Warren and the defending titlist to do all of the talking during opening statements while he doodled on a notepad at the dais. Once the questions came, the heavyweight contender began to warm up before going into his breezy attack.“I told him I swing both ways but he didn’t believe me,” Chisora joked, as Klitschko brushed his hand against day-old stubble on his face. “He didn’t shave today so I’m not looking for that. But I know he’s gaming for a kiss.”Klitschko played up to the moment, though questioning Chisora’s affinity for man-on-man affection.“It’s a habit of Dereck to kiss other men. I don’t know, I like to kiss women very much,” Klitschko commented in confirming his own heterosexuality. “I’m afraid to shave the next time before the fight.”Chisora believes the only thing that should be feared is the end of the longtime stranglehold he and younger brother Wladimir Klitschko have enjoyed atop the heavyweight division. Wladimir serves as the division’s lineal champion since 2009, with his overall alphabet title reign dating back to 2006.Vitali has arguably been even more dominant since returning to the ring in Oct. ’08. His third title reign picked up exactly where it left off 46 month prior, with an eight-round beatdown of Samuel Peter to reclaim the belt he was forced to vacate in Nov. ’05 due to an assortment of injuries.Seven defenses have followed for Klitschko (43-2, 40KO), barely losing a round over that stretch. His most recent win came over Top Five heavyweight Tomasz Adamek, easily handling the Polish contender en route to a 10th round stoppage on the road in Wroclaw, Poland. Chisora’s run hasn’t been quite as brilliant. The free-spirited Brit has lost two of his last three, though it was the most recent loss that strangely enough forced the boxing world to stand up and take notice.Two fights and five months removed from an embarrassing points loss to Tyson Fury in which he showed up at a career fattest 261 lb, Chisora turned in the performance of his career against unbeaten heavyweight Robert Helenius in their Dec ’11 bout on EPIX.Unfortunately, the only victory gained that evening was of the moral variety, as two of the three judges inexplicably scored the bout in favor of the Nordic contender. Still, it was enough for Chisora to not be completely dismissed when his name was raised as a future contender for Klitschko – especially when you consider the past he’s already shared with the family.“(Wladimir) pulled out twice,” Chisora pointed out, referencing the two previously scheduled in-ring dates he had with the younger Klitschko, who pulled out of both fights after reportedly suffering injuries in separate training camps. “I hope you don’t pull out. I’m excited for the fight. I hope you don’t come out with excuses and say you had a problem with this and this. I just want to fight.”Chisora proved as much when he showed up fit and ready for Helenius, giving the unbeaten contender the fight of his life. It’s that version and not the ill-prepared and out-of-shape one that showed up against Fury that has his handlers confident of something big occurring next month in Germany. “Dereck when he has his head right like he did in that last fight, he’s a handful for anyone,” notes promoter Frank Warren. “Like I said, if confidence wins fights then he’s halfway there.”Chisora won’t be satisfied until the other half is complete. A win on his behalf, he believes, is in the best interest of the sport.“Everyone is tired of you and your brother. Come February 18, there will be a new king,” Chisora firmly stated to the media on hand for Monday’s presser. “People want a new relief in boxing. I am that bright light shining. “By the time he goes down in the eighth round, you’re going to hear people who stopped talking about boxing, start talking about boxing (again). He and his brother killed the sport that I love. That’s why I’m going to whoop his ass.”Despite the harsh remarks and firm predictions, Chisora still finds a way to keep everyone in positive spirits – even his opponent.In a greater effort to figuratively comment on what he brings to the table, Chisora compared himself to a disease that even boxing’s fighting doctor (Klitschko holds a Ph.D in sports medicine) won’t be able to cure.“He’s the doctor and I’m the Black Plague. I’m coming to destroy him in his own backyard. You are the Ironfist, yes. I am not going to take that away from you.The Black Plague is a dangerous disease. I am that black plague.” Perhaps not getting the reference, Klitschko tried his best to change the subject. “It’s not about the color,” the heavyweight titlist remarked, not realizing he left himself wide open for a verbal counter. “You can call me the White Plague,” Chisora calmly yet confidently replied. “I don’t mind.”The only thing he is interested in being called is the next heavyweight champion. He couldn’t care less where Klitschko goes beyond February 18, other than out of the ring having surrendered his title.“Right now he doesn’t want to retire,” Chisora remarked, when asked if his intention was to chase Klitschko from the sport altogether. “He’s in great shape and he doesn’t want to retire. He’s sitting on the great throne. Retirement is giving up something you love. “Do I think I’m going to make him retire? No. But I do know I’m going to beat him.”Jake Donovan is the Managing Editor of Follow Jake on Twitter at or submit questions/comments to JakeNDaBox@gmail.comTags: Vitali Klitschko , Dereck Chisora , Klitschko-Chisora , Klitschko vs Chisora