'I am the black plague', Chisora tells Klitschko

An effervescent Dereck Chisora was typically in top form during today s press conference ahead of his WBC heavyweight title challenge to Vitali Klitschko.
Arriving in a Reliant Regal Super van, much to Klitschko s bemusement, the outspoken Briton vowed to stop the veteran champion in eight rounds in Munich's Olympiahalle on 18 February.
Eight is my lucky number and Klitschko's going down in the eighth round. He doesn't know what's coming for him. I'm physically and mentally coming to take what's his, and make it mine, predicted Chisora, boldly.
When asked to contemplate what might happen if he was to taste Vitali s power, Chisora didn t appear unduly concerned by Kiitscho s famed nickname of Dr Ironfist.
You can only punch something you can see, and you won t be seeing me. You re the Ironfist but I m going to destroy you in your back yard. I am the black plague.
It s not about the colour, replied Vitali, prompting Chisora to quip. You can call me the white plague if you like, I don t care, to widespread amusement amongst the gathered media.
With six weeks to go before fight night, today s press conference was a light-hearted introduction before the serious stuff begins in earnest. Both fighters seemed relaxed as they engaged in banter however Chisora did reveal a more spiteful side to his makeup towards the end.
People want a new relief in boxing and you re going down in the eighth round. Him (Vitali) and his brother have killed the sport I love. I am the bright, shining light but it s no good me saying it, I ve got to prove it by whooping his ass.
Ironically, but not untypically in today s chaotic world of professional boxing, Chisora has earned his world title shot on the back of his controversial points defeat to Robert Helenius for the European title in December a contest which Vitali himself appeared to acknowledge that the Londoner was a worthy winner of.
In addition to Chisora, middleweights Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray have also come up short in close (some have argued controversial) world title challenges to WBA champion Felix Sturm last year, underlining how difficult it is for an away fighter to emerge from a German ring victorious. As a result, Chisora s team is expected to lean hard on the WBC to appoint some neutral officials in a clash which given Chisora s heavy underdog tag may render the judges scorecards unnecessary.