Schaefer claims WBA orders Khan rematch; identity of mystery man is revealed

Golden Boy Promotions' Richard Schaefer has claimed the WBA is ordering a rematch between his man Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson.
Meanwhile, the identity of the mystery man at the centre of an increasingly bizarre alleged conspiracy has been revealed.
Footage of a smartly dressed black man talking to judges during the contest was released this week via Twitter by the Bolton man.
Golden Boy Promotions, Khan's US promoters, have now named the man as IBF official Mustafa Ameen.
Ameen was seen talking to WBA supervisor Michael Welsh.
His name is Mustafa Ameen and the IBF have confirmed to us his name, and they have confirmed to us that he's involved in an official capacity with the IBF, Richard Schaefer of GBP told Sky Sports. However, he was not in Washington in an official IBF capacity, but the IBF asked the Washington commission to issue him a credential so that he could attend the fight.
We have been informed today by the WBA that they will order an immediate rematch. We received a verbal confirmation today and we will get a written confirmation by next Tuesday.
That means that no fighter can take an interim fight, that the next fight for Peterson would be a rematch.
We hope that the IBF will follow because that's the least they can do. The ruling of the WBA to order an immediate rematch should put additional pressures on the IBF.
Schaefer also hopes the December match can be declared a No Contest meaning Khan gets to retain his belts.
It's difficult to guess the no-contest ruling. I certainly hope this could happen.