DiBella Responds To Richard Schaefer: "I am who I am"

By Rick Reeno

Promoter Lou DiBella spoke with BoxingScene.com to issue his response to some of the earlier comments that appeared from Richard Schaefer, the CEO for Golden Boy Promotions.In a recent article, which ran on BoxingScene, Schaefer described DiBella as - a sneaky guy. Upfront he smiles in your face and says he's your friend, but in the back he talks sh*t. I don't deal like that. I don't work like that. I like to deal with upfront people and not with people who are dealing like that. I have a problem with that. Schaefer also took issue with DiBella's commentaries on fights, and industry situations, that are outside of his promotional circle. I have absolutely zero animosity against Lou and it’s not that I don't like the guy....just don't have a problem with me because I'm looking out for my fighter. I'm just doing my job. I'm not going to have a problem with him looking out for his fighter. But when you start talking sh*t about the person, then I have problem with that. And getting involved in [other promoter's] fights and badmouthing fights that are not even his fights. You guys know that, he's the first guy to call and say 'ha, ha, ha..so and so lost.' What do you care? Focus on your own business and try to do the best possible fights - and I think in the end that is the most important thing, Schaefer said.However, DiBella doesn't see anything wrong with giving his opinion on fights, or fighters, regardless of which company promotes them. He doesn’t plan to change anytime soon.“Unlike Richard Schaefer, the Swiss banker, who knows less about boxing than I have forgotten, I am actually a fan. Those who follow me in chatrooms and Twitter, may not always agree with me - but they know that without regard on who promotes who, I exchange information and my opinion in the interest of drumming up positive interest for our sport,” DiBella told BoxingScene.com. “Even if you think I’m wrong, when I see something dirty I speak of it. Even if you don’t agree with my opinions, they are generally informed, educated and well stated. Richard Schaefer and his company, have in my view, been a mixed bag for the sport of boxing. I don’t hate them and they have had successes, but their failures more than speak for themselves. I make no excuses for stating my opinions and I make no excuses for, on occasion, being combustible Lou.” “I have a passion for boxing that's been clear from 22 years of a very hard working and overwhelmingly honest effort. I say more on the record, and without scripting or politicizing, than Richard and everyone in his company and his figurehead. I would venture to say that I am generally more honest with my off the cuff reactions than virtually anyone in boxing.” “I’m the last person who needs to speak behind peoples' backs. Certainly far less though, than a Swiss banker whose company is incapable of making any positive progress in finalizing the biggest fight in the world. With all respect to Richard Schaefer, who I don’t think is an evil guy or a bad person, I am who I am and I make no excuses to you or anyone else. If you don't like it, go f**k yourself.”Tags: Lou DiBella , Richard Schaefer